I lost or did not receive my certificate, how do I get a new one?

Please ensure that you check your junk/spam folders. Also try to search OLG into your search bar in your emails.

For all certificates that have not been received or lost please fill out the enquiry form below and one of our Administration Team members will contact you.

Please note

  • There is an administration fee of $30 for all re-issue of either lost or certificates that have exceeded 90 days from the date you sat your course e.g., NSW OLG (RSA & RCG), ACT RSA & RCG, or FSS, this includes all administration and certificate costs.


  • For all certificates that have not been received, and falls within the 90 days of the date you sat your course there is no charge for this service.

Certificate Reissues will be completed within 7 days of all completed paperwork and payment.

Complete the following form to have your certificates re-issued.
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I've received my interim certificate what next?

You need to take your interim certificate to your nearest NSW Service Center which can be located here.

Details on the process of applying for your competency card can be found on the NSW Service Center website here.

Where's my competency card? It hasn't arrived in the mail.

It takes 3-4 weeks after you go to Service NSW to have your photo taken and 100 point ID check, for your card to arrive via Australia Post.

You can find your nearest NSW Service center here.

The card will be sent to the address that is on your interim certificate. If your details are incorrect and the card has already been ordered you can follow the steps in the section titled “My interim certificate has incorrect details.” below to order a new card.

I need a new card, I've lost my card or it was stolen. What do I do now?

I need a new card, I’ve lost my card or it was stolen. What do I do?
If stolen or lost report it to the police and get an event number.
Then apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW for a replacement using form (CC0500) found here.

There is a $30 fee and the card will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

My interim certificate has incorrect details.

Information on your Interim certificate has been entered by Coast to Country Training Services from details entered on your enrollment form.

The details must match exactly with the 100 points of ID you will use at Service NSW. The training provider will be able to provide you a form that will enable Liquor & Gaming NSW to update/change the details.

This form can also be found here.

If you have lost your interim certificate Coast to Country Services can issue you a new copy. (Fees may apply)

You need the Interim Certificate for your first course to order your card at Service NSW.

I need to renew my competency card.

You should not do repeat full courses at training providers.

This will not extend your competency card and subsequent interim certificates can not be used at Service NSW to order a card.

You can renew your photo competency card in the last 90 days before your current card expires, by completing the online refresher training and paying a $35 renewal fee.

Keep your contact details on your competency card record up to date

You will get an SMS and/or email with a link in the last 90 days, if your details are up to date.

Renewals and other links can be found here.