Registration and enrolment procedure
Click Sign up or Book Now on the CTCTS website. You will be redirected to our enrolment portal. Select which course (ensure you have the correct location!) you would like to enrol, and complete the enrolment form.

Please pay using the payment methods from the enrolment page. Once we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your course details.

Online courses – You will be sent a token via email once CTCTS have confirmed payment, which will invite you to begin your online training.

Requirements – Online courses
To complete the course you will need a computer with speakers or a headset, an ADSL or cable internet connection, and a printer so you can print out your Statement of Attainment on completion of the course. (CTCTS do not recommend Internet Cafes, as the computers often have e tight firewall settings which can impair the functionality of our e-learning course).

There is no requirement for you to complete this course in one sitting. You complete the course topic by topic; the online software will remember where you are up to. At any time you can return to the course and begin again where you left off.

You will be required to complete an assessment at the end of each element – you simply need to select the answer which you believe is most appropriate for that question. You will need to get all the questions correct (100%), to pass the course. If you do not achieve 100%, you will be able to do each assessment three times, at no extra cost. If after three attempts you are unable to correctly answer the questions – we will contact you and help you through the process. You will not be charged for this service.

Confirmation email & payment – Online & Face to Face courses
You will receive a confirmation email from immediately following your initial registration confirming your course details and the terms and conditions of your training.

Online courses – You will be sent a token within 24 hours of enrolment which will enable you to log into and complete your online course.

NOTE: If you register & pay for this course outside business hours or on a weekend or public holiday, you may not receive your enrolment email until the next business day.

Face to Face Courses – You will receive a confirmation email, outlining the course details, location and terms and conditions for face to face training. You are not required to bring anything on the day of the course. CTCTS will provide all necessary materials. We do not provide tea/coffee or food. Please ensure you are prepared for this on the day of the course.

We are required to sight a copy of a form of government issued photo ID from each student. For online courses you can scan and email or take a photo with your mobile and email to: Alternately you can send it by post. For Face to Face training please bring photo ID on the day for the trainer to sight. All ID is immediately deleted or securely destroyed once checked against the details you have provided. Your ID must be legible and submitted before we can complete your assessment.

Training Agreement:
During this training course I understand that:

My rights and obligations have been defined in detail in the Participant handbook, and that these include:

I will actively attempt all training and assessment tasks with serious effort.
I will disclose to Coast to Country Training Services prior to training commencement or at a time that is appropriate any disabilities or learning needs that may affect my ability to participate in the training.
CTCTS will provide quality training and assessment services in a competent manner through the provision of quality resources and staff.
Training at CTCTS will be performed by qualified trainers with the required knowledge and current in the needs of industry.
CTCTS guarantees to provide training and assessment services to customers whom have met their obligations with regard to completion of enrolment details and financial payments.
That CTCTS can choose to terminate my training if I fail to uphold these standards.
Fees and Refund Policy
All of our training courses attract fees, as detailed in the course information brochures. These prices are subject to change.

For our face to face short courses Coast to Country Training services offers a pay on the day option, however your position on the course cannot be confirmed until payment is received in full.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of courses will only be accepted 48 Hours prior to the course and a full refund will be provided.

Refunds will not be provided for courses cancelled within 48 Hours of the course.

Failure to advise CTCTS of your nonattendance could result in forfeiture of the full course fee for the course booked.

Course Reschedule Policy

Coast to Country Training Services reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any course at any time for reasons which include lack of course numbers or for unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that a course has been rescheduled or cancelled, Coast to Country Training Services will provide a refund in full within 7 days.

All monies paid will be recorded in our accounting system, and the student will be issued with a receipt for all monies paid.

The student can seek a variation in these commercial terms by direct application to the CEO in writing.

All claims for refunds must be completed in writing and forwarded to the CEO.

Participant and RTO Name Rights and Responsibilities
As a participant in our RTO, you have certain rights and responsibilities as do we, the RTO, have certain obligations and responsibilities to you.

These rights and responsibilities are covered in detail in the body of the Participant handbook, but are summarized here for your convenience.

Both the Participant and CTCTS have a responsibility to adhere to all relevant legislation. The legislation that affects your participation in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is detailed within this document; however both CTCTS and you, the participant, have an obligation to adhere to ALL legislation applicable in Australia.
We both have obligations and expectations that all parties will conduct themselves safely in all aspects of their activities, that at no time will the safety and health of any person or property be risked.
You have a right to as safe environment; you have an obligation to keep it safe through your conduct and adherence to our stated policies and procedures.
We have a right to expect that you seriously apply yourself to undertaking the Skills Assessment that you have committed to, until you formally tell us that you are withdrawing from the process, we have an expectation that you will work on the process and meet your commitments.
Equally so, you have a right, and we have a responsibility to provide you with the very best support, assistance and guiding you to the completion of the Skills Assessment and must maintain a high standard of current documentation, good service, Assessment Assessors who are current in their knowledge and experience in the relevant Certificate III being undertaken.
We have a right to expect that all evidence provided by you is as requested in the Assessment process, as being your own work, not copied, taken or plagiarized from someone else.
You have a right to reasonable access to our Assessment Assessors.
You have a right to expect that the requirements that we make of you are clear, concise and easily understood, we have an obligation to maintain these requirements as clear instructions and also to ensure that they are relevant to the requirements of the qualification being undertaken.
You have a right to expect that all Assessment Processes are compliant to the principles defined in the NVR Standards, and that the qualification issued by us to you will be received in good standing.
You have a right to personal freedom, free from any illegal, unnecessary or invasive questioning or judgment of your personal ideals, beliefs, marital status, disability or perceived disability, cultural background, age, orientation or practices, this includes, but is not limited to all personal, sexual, religious and political practices.
We have an equal expectation that you will grant the same freedom of belief, practices and persuasion to all of the staff, contractors, fellow participants and other people whom you meet and come in contact with at CTCTS.
We have an obligation to always conduct ourselves ethically, responsibly, with courtesy and respect, and to be both morally and socially responsible at all times. We expect the same from our participants.
This specifically means that bullying, intimidation, violence of any kind, cyber bullying, offensive behavior, threatening or aggressive behavior or speech will not be tolerated, or need to be tolerated by any person whether a staff member or contractor, or a participant in the Assessment process.
You have a right to be provided with the services that you have paid for, if you have paid for an Assessment process, you have a right to expect to be delivered in the manner it was advertised, equally so, we have an obligation to deliver it to you in the manner it was advertised. If there is a need to vary the process, then it must be by mutual consent.
You have a right to receive the services for which you have paid for; we have an obligation to provide them.
You have a right that any changes to Skill Recognition processes, administrative procedures and regulations will not be made without appropriate notice and will not disadvantage currently enrolled participants.
We have a right, and you have a responsibility to adhere to any reasonable and lawful request by CTCTS.
You have a right to complain and appeal about anything or any decision we make at CTCTS, be it about you or about how we conduct the business of the RTO.
We have an obligation to ensure that complaints and grievances are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily in accordance with the procedures detailed in this handbook.
You have a right to expect us to adhere to the privacy act and the freedom of information act and ensure that information about you is only conveyed to those with legal and legitimate reason for access. This is normally only staff directly involved in the processing and assessment of your Assessment application or those with legal rights to that information, such as the Police and other legal bodies, but only after appropriate process has been undertaken.
We have an obligation to clearly state all fees and charges associated with the Assessment process.
We have an obligation and you have a right to, provide prompt evaluation of your Assessment, with clear and unambiguous feedback on the results and assessment decision.
You have an obligation to provide Feedback on our Assessment and on the Client Services we have provided.
We have an obligation to evaluate all provided feedback and implement legitimate opportunities for improvement to our processes and policies.
We have an obligation to clearly convey to you, the participant, the policies and procedures that Participants must be aware of. Equally so, you the participant, have an obligation to understand those policies and procedures concerning your application, any use of CTCTS facilities and any property or facilities used by CTCTS to assess your application.
Participants who cannot or chose not to adhere to these rights and obligations may be subject to disciplinary action, this may be a written warning, an interview of may consist of cancellation of your application without refund and in extreme cases, such as cases of suspected criminal activity, referral to the Police.
I agree to the above terms and conditions, including the refund policy

I understand this course is valid in only (NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, SA, NT, VIC)

In agreeing to these course requirements, you are declaring that the information you provide when registering is true and correct.