What is the Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

From 1st of January 2015, all students undertaking Nationally Recognised training in Australia need to have a Unique Student Identifier, or USI.

Your USI is a central record of any Nationally Recognised Training that you undertake.

It will seamlessly link information about your VET achievements, regardless of where you studied, allowing you to see all of your training results from all providers in one place.

You will be able to easily access secure digital transcripts of your achievements, and have more control over your educational information.

Your USI account is available online and at no cost. This USI will stay with you for life and be recorded with any nationally recognised VET course that is completed from when the USI comes into effect on 1 January 2015.

Do I need a USI before I Enrol in a course?

Yes, from 1st January 2015, every student is required to have a USI when Enroling in Nationally Recognised Training. You will need to have your USI ready when enrolling in any of our courses.

How do I get my USI?

You can create your USI yourself through the USI website here.

Submit your USI to Coast to Country Training Services.
Submit your USI to Coast to Country Training Services